What is Digital Classics TV?

Digital Classics TV is an Online Channel specialising in the performing arts, and in particular classical music. We are a channel as opposed to a website in that we provide you with full length programs made for television, not just short clips or audio only. We schedule the upload of programs in advance and in a similar fashion to regular terrestrial or satellite channels, but the advantage is that you choose when to view a program on Digital Classics TV.

What do I need to watch Digital Classics TV?

We would recommend the most important things you need are a fast (broadband) internet connection and some decent speakers. You will also need to install the Real Media Player and if you wish to access the premium content () you will need to subscribe to Real Player GOLD. Click the link at the side of the page for further details.

How often are programs changed and how long will they stay on the site? 
We upload the new programs to the channel on a weekly basis usually at the end of the week. There are usually four new premium programs and one new free program each week. All programs will remain on the channel for a total of four weeks.

Investor relations enquiries

Please send any investor relations enquiries to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. To download a PDF version of our annual report please click here.